Founder and Director Rebecca has been sewing and teaching sewing for many, many years. She has a BA in Art from Tufts University and the Boston Museum School, MBA from Simmons School of Management and was a resident artist and craftsperson at Emerson Umbrella in Concord, MA.
Create!® Sewing Studio was started in April 2008.


Sewing Instructor  Susanne has been sewing quilts for 25 years and garments for 45 years! She is a great sewing teacher with a keen eye for detail! Susanne has taught at Create!® Sewing Studio for three plus years.




Sewing Instructor Sharon has an extensive background in garment sewing including theater, wedding and prom dresses and every day clothing. We are very happy to welcome Sharon to our team of talented sewing instructors! Sharon is relatively new here at the Create!® Sewing Studio, but she is already teaching kids, teens and adults with skill and humor.



Jessica head shot

Sewing Instructor Jessica has been sewing for many years. She is very creative, enjoys people and is excited to be teaching sewing with us!





Betsy head shotSewing Instructor Betsy helps us out too! Betsy has many years of experience as a dressmaker and wedding dress alterations specialist. She is also the “go-to gal” for quilters with her long-arm quilting machine at the ready!




Sewing Instructor Samantha has been sewing since she was 2 years old! Her specialty is re-enactment sewing for Revolutionary era men’s and women’s wear…much of it totally by hand! “Sam” is very creative, enjoys people and is excited to be teaching sewing with us. Picture to come soon!

Sewing Instructor Jen has many years of sewing experience, most recently making elaborate theater costumes, plus a line of fantastic hats made from fleece. Picture to come soon!





Thank you for the fantastic birthday party and balloons. We all had so much fun!  — M. M.

Rebecca, you are a great teacher. This is obviously your passion. — C.F.


Thank you for a great birthday party! The girls had a lot of fun.” — M. D.

Thank you for taking me on as one of your students. How delighted I am to finally be learning to sew…your patience and thoughtfulness, along with your knowledge and skill, make for a solid experience. — P. P.

Thank you for getting me started! I’m loving my machine now… — J. F.

Thank you so much for teaching my daughter to sew! I know I wouldn’t have the patience. She has really enjoyed her lessons and  I love that she has a life-long skill. — A. G.

 I had so much fun today, and you’re a great teacher! —  L. C.

My daughter had a great time.  I must compliment you on such an organized and professional business.  We love going there and have recommended you to many others.  —   M.W.

 [My daughter] is so proud of herself and brought all her projects on vacation so she could show what she made. She keeps asking people if they need buttons sewn on so she can do it for them. —  Robyn S.

[My daughter] had such a great time and made so many wonderful items [at Summer Sew Fun 4 Kids™].  Thank you so much!  —  M. B. 

It was such a wonderful experience learning to sew at your studio this week. [We] had a fabulous time. Thank you! Lisa S.  P.S. I saw the photos of us that you posted on Facebook –  they are so cute!